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I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Louisiana Tech University in 2005 and my Juris Doctor from the University of North Carolina in 2008. Since 2008, I have practiced as a trial attorney in both Illinois and Louisiana, during which time I have represented clients in all aspects of civil litigation at both trial and appellate levels. In addition to understanding the theoretical aspects of legal practice, I have practical experience drafting pleadings, arguing motions, deposing fact and expert witnesses, drafting contracts, representing clients in alternative dispute resolution, negotiating settlements, drafting appellate briefs, trying cases, and representing clients in oral argument at the appellate level. Notably, I maintain a winning record as first-chair trial counsel for over fifty jury trials. My analytical, investigative, research, writing, and oral argument skills have enabled my success.

More recently, my practice has focused on healthcare law, including both the investigation of healthcare providers for violations of complex administrative statutes and the representation of healthcare providers in medical negligence actions. My healthcare practice requires me to not only master the law governing medical negligence, but to work closely with healthcare providers and healthcare risk managers to resolve claims of medical negligence. I have attended medical legal conferences and seminars that focus on the prevention and equitable resolution of medical negligence claims.

I am currently spending the year in Germany as an Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellow conducting comparative research with the goal of identifying policies and procedures designed to improve the prevention and resolution of medical negligence claims.  The fellowship program selects prospective decision-makers and thought leaders from a broad range of professional fields from the United States, the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Brazil and India. This program is under the patronage of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and is financed by the Federal Foreign Office. I will meet the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, this spring.

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